Below are videos of me reading excerpts from The Boss Killers. For videos of me reading short stories visit the short stories section of this website. All videos are hosted on my YouTube channel.

Chapter 1
The Boss Killers from the very beginning. Ross has his annual appraisal with his boss, Charles Belvedere. Things don’t quite go according to plan.

Running the gauntlet
Ross and Stuart are at the House of Lard restaurant, in search of Mr X. Refused entry for being too thin, Ross is forced to ‘run the gauntlet’ by enduring a culinary obstacle course and the collective wrath of the entire restaurant.

The Belgian Mafia!
Ross is on the run, with the help of Mr X. Wanted for multiple murders, he finds himself in the last place he would expect. 

The Columbo convention
‘It’s like Peter Falk is in the room.’ Stuart, head of the UK Columbo fan club, is about to be arrested by Detective Inspector Christmas and his undercover colleagues (all dressed as Columbo) at ‘One More Thing’ – a Columbo convention.



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