Below are reviews of The Boss Killers.

You have to read this book! I cannot remember the last time I read a story that had me not only laughing out loud, but also anxious to turn the page and see what was about to happen. Excellent book! You will laugh and hold your breath waiting to see what happens next. A fun read that you will not want to put down! Read full review

A very creative mixture of violence, underworld gangs, virtual reality and latest tech with an array of loveable, sometimes comical characters interwoven within a tight-knit plot with a few tiny melodramatic and sometimes quite dark sub-plots make this novel a real joy to read. Highly recommend it. Best read of the year. Read full review

Outrageous, bizarre, this story plumbs the depths of human and evil and proceeds from there to a climax that is cataclysmic. Choose your own favourite character from a host of – to put it kindly – eccentrics. A wild extravaganza of fearful happenings and ear burning language. Read full review

I recommend that you don’t read it in public places, as when I did I was laughing out loud in hysterics in various bars throughout the world. The only other author that has had a similar affect is Robert Rankin with his Brentford Trilogy. Keith’s story is much more up to date than the latter, a lot darker, and arguably more off the wall. The humour is cutting edge and sometimes borderline shocking! In case you can’t tell, I thoroughly recommend The Boss Killers. Read full review

The story whips through at a fair pace and there are many laugh out loud moments as well as a few where I found myself closing my eyes or squeaking in horror! it’s a very enjoyable read that any fan of crime novels or black humour will enjoy! Incredible to think that this is Keith Gillison’s first novel – I hope there are many more to come. Read full review

If you want me to pick one word to describe this tale I would definitely class it as SURREAL. I discovered new career paths such as “Human Demolition Services” and about evil organisations all set out to kill you (in a colourful variety of methods). The tale also includes many satirical characters so ridiculous that you can’t help but wet yourself with laughter at the description. Keith has judged the amount of humour to mix into his plot line perfectly. It’s so well balanced and really contrasts from some of the darkness bubbling under the surface of his main character (Ross). It also helps release some of the dramatic tension he manages to create. Read full review

Two things I don’t normally do – write reviews and laugh out loud on public transport when I’m reading. This book made me do both. Dark humour dry and wry . You enter The Boss Killers’ world – a very close neighbour to our everyday world – and the pages turn. Super unforgettable characters and situations. Great read. Recommended. One to watch. Read full review

I wasn’t expecting this book to be this good, I was hooked from the first page till the last. The characters were interesting it’s not to often I learn some insults from a foul mouthed women who can drink any guy under the table. This book exceeded my expectations I hope the author writes more books like this. Read full review

Funny, original, strange and scary at times. The House of Lard is particularly inspired! Really surprised by how good this was and would recommend to anyone. Read full review

There’s dark humour, and then there’s The Boss Killers. From a young man whose means of expressing his disapproval of his boss is to attack his head with a hammer to the medical squad who will do anything nasty to a patient if they’re paid enough (up to and including murder) this is a very strange and very funny read. Read full review

I really enjoyed reading this. It appealed to my sense of humour. The plot had endless twists and sub plots that kept you reading. It is very amusing, venturing on the absurd at times, but deliberately so. Read full review

It’s original, filled with dark humour, has some laugh out loud metaphors and is at times disturbing (in a good way). Thoroughly recommended. Read full review

I was hooked – a thoroughly good read with humour and originality. I was captivated by this book and will be keeping a close eye on any more written by Keith Gillison. Read full review

An interesting and intriguing read with colourful characters and a surprising plot. An excellent first book by the author. Read full review

Really funny! The plot was well thought out and the characters were believable. This would make a good TV programme. Read full review

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family. Hope you enjoy this as much as i did! Read full review

We have all had days we want to kill our boss, combine this with the dodgy pub with ‘interesting characters’ and an IT whizz. Keith puts this all together to create a real page turner. Read full review


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