Latest review from, the independent book review website, has just reviewed The Boss Killers on their website. Here is what they said:

You have to read this book! I cannot remember the last time I read a story that had me not only laughing out loud, but also anxious to turn the page and see what was about to happen. Excellent book! You will laugh and hold your breath waiting to see what happens next. I challenge anyone to read this book and tell me they did not enjoy it!  Read full review


2 new videos

I’ve just added another video of me reading an excerpt from The Boss Killers. This features a bunch of Columbo’s arresting Columbo at a Columbo convention. Click on the videos page to watch the video or visit my youtube channel:

It’s here – The Boss Killers

After much hard work my first novel is finally here! The Boss Killers is now on sale for Kindle download and paperback via Amazon.

What is ‘The Boss Killers’ about?

The Boss Killers is a dark crime comedy featuring socially inept detectives, greasy-pole climbing executives, feuding gangsters, downtrodden employees, unusual restaurants, a man with the world’s hardest head and very bad coffee.

Charles Belvedere has to die. Not killing him just isn’t working for Ross. Help arrives in the unlikely guise of a deformed Korean who speaks no English, a being of questionable species and a morbidly obese criminal so elusive nobody believes he even exists. Meanwhile, The Boss Killers, a gang of underground assassins specialising in corporate murder, is in crisis. Their sales are plummeting as a result of a popular new competitor, a rival gang is threatening to wage war on them and a detective who insists on being good at his job is closing in on their operations. They need a fall guy.


Could Ross be the man for the job?